Monday, January 21, 2008

ROI on Web 2.0

I was always cynical about Enterprise Web 2.0 and ROI on using web 2.0 technologies.

But, my recent research showed me enough data that web 2.0 has tremendous value potential within the enterprise.

The key success driver behind deploying any web 2.0 technologies is that it calls for a 'change' in the organization's management.

Unless the 'change' in organization's management science is integrated with technology and deployed, the web 2.0 platforms would just 'be there' as a wallflower. By management science, I mean the corporate policies, processes and management style.

Two concrete examples:

1. AJAX/RIAs when used effectively for business applications, will improve the productivity and lead to tangible cost-savings. The cost-savings can be calculated by the perceived savings in the man-hour spent on the application to accomplish the business functions. Now, you know why SAP is re-building its UI using Flex for future versions.

2. If your company is knowledge-driven & depends on collective intelligence/creativity (e.g. Marketing), then having web 2.0 is a MUST for your enterprise. Read McKensy's report on 'Competitive Advantage from better interactions' to know more on this.

3. I think its more of a mindset change rather than technology change. Look at these latest technologies like SOA, web 2.0 and SaaS by wearing your ROI glass & a pinch of creativity, I promise you that you will find innumarable possibilities for future Growth.

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