Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Photoshop & Mashups

Recently, my management wanted me to present a formal photograph for the organization brochure. Formal includes a blazer and a tie.

When most of the leaders including myself presented the photographs on time, one person couldn't submit it ontime due to various reasons.

But, He managed to get a photograph with a blazer, but without a tie.

At the same time, He managed to submit the formal photograph wearing a tie.

You want to know how he did it?

He used Photo Editor and digitally borrowed a tie from a fellow collegue's photograph and fixed in his photograph and saved it.

And nobody could identify this change. The photo was as precise and close to real.

OK, Why am talking about all these?

When I heard this story, immediately I felt it is a 'Mashup'. And in this case, the person who did the photo editing was from non-technical background.

That is exactly the purpose of Mashups, isn't it?. It should enable the non-technical users to do a plug-and-play, mix-match of data sources and services to provide a totally new business solution.

So, We have all been doing mashups knowingly or unknowingly...

And, am sure, when we have a platform that provides a seamless interface for business people to drag-and-drap, mix-and-match, the vision for business mashups will get realized.

I can visualize the future enterprise IT, where the IT department will only do Mashups / Composites. No more App development. No more Service Development, either.

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Ram said...

It was Ashbel. Wasnt it? Is my guess right?