Thursday, June 21, 2007

Best is Yet to Happen

I think the world is hungry for innovation...

Recent Forrester report claims that the next evolution of IT services would be in Business Innovation. And there is lot of hype around innovation all over the market...There is a talk about open innovation model, innovation networks..Using Technology to Transform business innovatively, etc..

Whether the traditional IT services companies of India are positioned to be a Business Innovation partner or a different story. I will blog about it later..

But, the need of the hour is not business innovation. But IT innovation. Yes...Many may deny that...But that is the need of the hour.

Rising package costs, slow penetration of SaaS, unavailability of competent vendors to the range of IBMs and SAPs, Need for Software Consulting/Services costs...The complexity around large system integration technologies and available options are still extremely prevalant. The magic pill for solving the traditional IT pains using Technology has not been discovered. Please note..the Outsourcing/Offshoring route is only a pain reliever. But, the permanant relief can only happen if the inherent technology that is outsourced to a vendor becomes less complex. The more the complexity decreases, the less the cost can be...

Till date, there are no viable innovations on that front..

So, the World is  pampering all incremental innovations like iPod, iPhone, SaaS, etc..

The best is yet to happen...And as the saying goes..."Innovation happens elsewhere"..