Wednesday, September 15, 2010 Chatter Mobile - What does it offer?

Here is yet another diversification... announces the arrival of a mobile application called 'Chatter' for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android Mobile phones. What does the application do?. It is a Enterprise Social Networking application (like yammer) and it also delivers notifications from Enterprise applications within the organization.

Now, wait a minute, is a CRM company. Why is it talking about Enterprise Social Networking and Enterprise Application Notification and that too on mobile devices?

My observations:

1. is diversifying into solutions that can compliment its traditional CRM solution

2. is positioning itself as 'Platform-as-a-Service' vendor than a 'CRM Software-as-a-Service' vendor.

3. gets into a promising, but still emerging area - Enterprise Social Networking. Like BlackBerry marketed its Enterprise products to IT administrators, can convince the Enterprise IT that Enterprise social networking can be provisioned within its SaaS security framework.

4. Now, my next curious hypothesis is - Can this chatter mobile incorporate corporate emails as well?. If or its partners can provide 'Email Server as a Service' on the Cloud and the 'Chatter' mobile application can integrate with it in a secure manner, Why would anyone need a separate corporate email client?

Google's Business Strategy!

Have you ever wondered what is the business strategy of Google?

Though its core businesses are Search & Advertisements, Why is it getting into anything and everything in digital media? You can notice Google's presence even in unconventional areas such as Healthcare and Energy where IT hardly had a role to play in the past.

I have certainly wondered in the past...What kind of a diversification strategy is this?. Is this a concentric diversification that is aligned to its core competencies?

First of all, Can you define Google's Core competencies?

I have seen business articles that appreciated Google that it beats traditional core competency theory and breaking new grounds in business strategy.

But it looks like the strategy is not a mystery anymore, when I read this recent perspective on titled Is Google Killing Economy?. The first interesting perspective is that its written by a Lawyer and second it throws some significant light on Google's world-size ambitions.

The hint I could get from this perspective is that Google would get into anything and everything that has the scale of Internet.And you know the scale of the Internet. Its worldwide!.

The lawyer has raised some serious concerns on Google's motives and claims Google is trying to monopolize the Internet, like someone else tried to monopolize the Desktop industry.