Wednesday, November 29, 2006

2007 Predictions

No! This is not about Horoscope!. :-)

Am discussing something that would interest us...

"North America's Tech spending to slow down in 2007" - Gartner.

"Organizations are increasingly dissatisfied with vendors" - CIO journal survey

"CIOs are finding difficult to acquire business-savvy technologists' - CIO journal

"In 2007, the Outsouring to slow down, because the companies are not able to sustain the right talent and increasing cost" - One of the Enterprise Architect's blog.

All this lead to 'Insourcing' again.

The companies may revert to 'Insourcing' as the vendor satisfaction is low and the SI's are not able to deliver what they are expected to deliver at the right cost.

Within 'Insourcing' itself, CIOs are looking at 'Enterprise Architecture' as the tool to rationalize the IT portfolio and reduce cost eventually.

In my opinion, 'Enterprise Architecture' can be applied towards 'cost reduction' or to 'enforce standardization' or to 'prepare for agile enterprise'.

Am sure whoever (CIO) is taking the lead in EA initiatives are going to have the long term benefits and leadership in IT.

Till then, outsouring is here to stay with its ups and downs...

Monday, November 20, 2006

The speed of thinking

Of late, I was thinking it was too time consuming to logon to Blogger site and create a post and then publish it. I was thiking how nice it would be if I could just write my blog in my own Microsoft Word and then publish to my blog site directly from there...Sounds comfortable!. Isn't it?

Then I thought If I am thinking this comfort now, somebody else would have already thought about it and created a word plug-in for Blogger site. With that assumption, I searched for a word plug-in and immediately found one, and that too from Blogger site itself. Just install the plug-in and you are ready to post right from where you are.

Thats the speed of thinking thats happening in the web 2.0 age.

Another similar discovery was on the bookmarking...

I found lot of websites having a hyperlink to bookmark the site address into sites like Technorati (social bookmarking). Once you click the bookmarking link, you will be asked to logon to the social bookmarking site and add the link to your favorites.

This is time consuming again.

How comfortable it would be if I can have a IE plugin that would simply require me to click (example. a link in the IE toolbar) and adds the link to my respective social bookmarking site.

And thats available too!.

So whats the speed of your thinking...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

SAP TechEd Updates

Last week, I attended SAP TechEd. This is the first time I attended the SAP TechEd workshop.

The cover note from the SAP Chairman in the handout made some big promises. He said 'If you are attending this TechEd for the first time, be prepared to have a drink from fire hose'. Daring statement, isn’t it?

The opening keynote address was indeed impressive and stood up to the promise. SAP Vice-chairman showed a live 'Composite App' demo, by assembling the visual components. (yes, you read it right, ‘assembling’ and no ‘coding’).

This is the direction SAP is striving for – Enabling the business users to compose IT applications as and when they require it and how interactive those apps need to be…

Overall, the workshop was very informative with lots and lots of updates on what SAP is doing.

I believe SAP has a strong vision and if they pursue the initiatives in the same pace as today, I think SAP will be the leader in the ‘Composite Apps’ space soon.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

web 2.0 : The network effect

Of late, I have been reading a lot on Web 2.0 to find out its real business value.

Sure, The new paradigm ropes in million$ business for giants like Google, Amazon and But is it a Hype or reality?. One of the articles in CIO journal discounts that most of the startup companies behind web2.0 - other than the giants like Google/Amazon - are not going to sustain for a longer time. The reason being that they dont have a sound business model to survive in long run. There are many more startups in the Internet joining the web2.0 bandwagaon, offering free services/open APIs. But it could be the next dotcom burst, when all these small startups crash because of their business models.

But, I strongly believe that the technologies behind web2.0 are here to stay. And they are already making an impact. If you are authoring or reading a blog, Editing a Wiki, Consuming RSS updates, - Then you are already benefiting from web2.0.

Its amazing to find out how these technologies are helping people. Some of the events that I find interesting are: - After the katrina disaster, a website embarked into an initiative for collecting the information about the survivors from various websites/blogs in one single place, that is searchable in a consistent format.

Corporates are encouraging employees to write blogs to attract and hire talents from outside. And freelance bloggers are getting media deals like orders for writing books.

So, its already touching the lives of people who are using the web. For the enterprises, its the right time to evaluate what is the web 2.0 technology that is right for them to harvest the potential benefits.