Monday, November 20, 2006

The speed of thinking

Of late, I was thinking it was too time consuming to logon to Blogger site and create a post and then publish it. I was thiking how nice it would be if I could just write my blog in my own Microsoft Word and then publish to my blog site directly from there...Sounds comfortable!. Isn't it?

Then I thought If I am thinking this comfort now, somebody else would have already thought about it and created a word plug-in for Blogger site. With that assumption, I searched for a word plug-in and immediately found one, and that too from Blogger site itself. Just install the plug-in and you are ready to post right from where you are.

Thats the speed of thinking thats happening in the web 2.0 age.

Another similar discovery was on the bookmarking...

I found lot of websites having a hyperlink to bookmark the site address into sites like Technorati (social bookmarking). Once you click the bookmarking link, you will be asked to logon to the social bookmarking site and add the link to your favorites.

This is time consuming again.

How comfortable it would be if I can have a IE plugin that would simply require me to click (example. a link in the IE toolbar) and adds the link to my respective social bookmarking site.

And thats available too!.

So whats the speed of your thinking...

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