Sunday, November 19, 2006

SAP TechEd Updates

Last week, I attended SAP TechEd. This is the first time I attended the SAP TechEd workshop.

The cover note from the SAP Chairman in the handout made some big promises. He said 'If you are attending this TechEd for the first time, be prepared to have a drink from fire hose'. Daring statement, isn’t it?

The opening keynote address was indeed impressive and stood up to the promise. SAP Vice-chairman showed a live 'Composite App' demo, by assembling the visual components. (yes, you read it right, ‘assembling’ and no ‘coding’).

This is the direction SAP is striving for – Enabling the business users to compose IT applications as and when they require it and how interactive those apps need to be…

Overall, the workshop was very informative with lots and lots of updates on what SAP is doing.

I believe SAP has a strong vision and if they pursue the initiatives in the same pace as today, I think SAP will be the leader in the ‘Composite Apps’ space soon.

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