Thursday, November 02, 2006

web 2.0 : The network effect

Of late, I have been reading a lot on Web 2.0 to find out its real business value.

Sure, The new paradigm ropes in million$ business for giants like Google, Amazon and But is it a Hype or reality?. One of the articles in CIO journal discounts that most of the startup companies behind web2.0 - other than the giants like Google/Amazon - are not going to sustain for a longer time. The reason being that they dont have a sound business model to survive in long run. There are many more startups in the Internet joining the web2.0 bandwagaon, offering free services/open APIs. But it could be the next dotcom burst, when all these small startups crash because of their business models.

But, I strongly believe that the technologies behind web2.0 are here to stay. And they are already making an impact. If you are authoring or reading a blog, Editing a Wiki, Consuming RSS updates, - Then you are already benefiting from web2.0.

Its amazing to find out how these technologies are helping people. Some of the events that I find interesting are: - After the katrina disaster, a website embarked into an initiative for collecting the information about the survivors from various websites/blogs in one single place, that is searchable in a consistent format.

Corporates are encouraging employees to write blogs to attract and hire talents from outside. And freelance bloggers are getting media deals like orders for writing books.

So, its already touching the lives of people who are using the web. For the enterprises, its the right time to evaluate what is the web 2.0 technology that is right for them to harvest the potential benefits.

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