Wednesday, November 29, 2006

2007 Predictions

No! This is not about Horoscope!. :-)

Am discussing something that would interest us...

"North America's Tech spending to slow down in 2007" - Gartner.

"Organizations are increasingly dissatisfied with vendors" - CIO journal survey

"CIOs are finding difficult to acquire business-savvy technologists' - CIO journal

"In 2007, the Outsouring to slow down, because the companies are not able to sustain the right talent and increasing cost" - One of the Enterprise Architect's blog.

All this lead to 'Insourcing' again.

The companies may revert to 'Insourcing' as the vendor satisfaction is low and the SI's are not able to deliver what they are expected to deliver at the right cost.

Within 'Insourcing' itself, CIOs are looking at 'Enterprise Architecture' as the tool to rationalize the IT portfolio and reduce cost eventually.

In my opinion, 'Enterprise Architecture' can be applied towards 'cost reduction' or to 'enforce standardization' or to 'prepare for agile enterprise'.

Am sure whoever (CIO) is taking the lead in EA initiatives are going to have the long term benefits and leadership in IT.

Till then, outsouring is here to stay with its ups and downs...

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