Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Instant Mashups

Initially I thought of blogging about technology behind one of my favorite movies 'Shrek'. I will certainly blog about it in my next post.

But, before that, I found something more interesting...

For those of you who are thinking 'Semantic Web' exists only in text, think again...

If you have observed what is going to come out in IE 8, FireFox 3 and Apple's Safari, You know what I am talking about...

Am talking about 'Microformats' that would make context sensitive communication between web sites a reality. The possibilities of end-user programming mashups looks promising. While the tradional mashups programming requires little bit of programming knowledge, the Microformats aims to eliminate that burden as well from the end-users. Building a mashup between two web sites is going to be lot more easier when the technology maturity evolves in this area.

Two thoughts that came to my mind on observing this trend.

1. The concept looks more appropriate in the HTML world. It would be intersting to see how the concept evolves in the context of Rich Internet Applications, especially during times when Internet is becoming omnipresent across devices/formats.

2. If you observe closely, slowly the infrastructure software is morphing itself into enterprise application client software...A sure short example is this scenario...where browsers are becoming little more smart in understanding the context.

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