Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Innovation from Customers - And Not Companies

If you observe the whole web 2.0 happenings its an innovation driven by the customers/Internet users.

Influenced by the predominant growth of web 2.0 techniques (not real technologies though), major vendors are being pushed to a situation where they need to brand their latest products as web 2.0 compliant.

Example, IBM is releasing latest portal product with AJAX support, upgrading its Lotus suite of products for business social networking and Peope Search. Microsoft is comingup with lot more features in its latest 2007 release - RSS integration, AJAX support, Social Networking within the Enterprise, Blogs and Wikis.

SAP is comingup with upgrades in the support of Rich Internet Applications.

Google search has entered into the corporate and More and more vendors are lining up to provide search solutions

So more and more, the customer experience on the Internet is driving the Product / Technology Innovations and eventually they will have an impact on Corporates as well.

The solutions rolled-out by the corporates to end-customers are invariably internet users and they would expect the same kind of experience that they get in other sites.

The business solutions that innovatively incorporates these new user experience paradigms are bound to win!

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