Monday, February 05, 2007

Disruptive Technologies

Over the lunch, I was discussing the IT trends with my colleagues. And one person was quoting on the use of 'Disruptive Technologies'. If there are disruptive technologies to come in future, probably the trends will change. The trend in which indian IT industry works.

The recent story by Business Today claims that the productivity per employee is declining year on year for the past five years for the Indian IT companies. But they are able to show growth in revenues and profits by the sheer size of the company - by adding more and more people.

My point of view was - It will not be 'Disruptive Technologies' that will change the business. It will be 'Disruptive Business Models brought by New Emerging technologies' will change the business of IT.

So far, it was 'SOA' that was claimed as one of prominent Disruptive Architecture (Not a Technology though). But, the implementation of SOA is as complicated as a J2EE platform, that it is holding many people from jumping to SOA world. Or the People who have already taken the deep dive are finding it difficult to breath because of various issues such as Governance, Funding Model, Performance, etc.

So It really remains to be seen which technology would be the next disruptor.

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