Friday, May 09, 2008

RIM and SAP to change the way people work

A recent innovation announced by RIM and SAP inspired me..
Following the footsteps of Duet alliance with Microsoft, SAP has now embarked into a partnership with RIM BlackBerry. The idea of this innovation is to enable anywhere mobile access to SAP enterprise applications through widely adopted BlackBerry Platform. This initiative tears down the walls between mobile connectivity and enterprise applications. At the same time, it brings in lot of assurance to the solutions in terms of communication, security and management.
The first output expected out of this partnership is a "native" BlackBerry client application that will merge the power of SAP CRM application. The wonder doesn't end there. It will also enable merging the SAP CRM applications with the core BlackBerry smartphone applications such as mail, Address Book, and Calender applications. What a "mashup" of applications from two different platforms?
This partnership simply makes the "middleware" layer irrelevant if someone wants to integrate RIM and SAP platforms. And that is a significant benefit to IT shops!
From this instance, I derive if two product vendors can collaborate, they can bring out innovative set of solutions to the end-customers which will make their life easy.
I have seen the 'Duet' demo in SAP TechEd event couple of years ago. And I was impressed.
Am sure this RIM offering will be very useful as well.
I am waiting to see this kind of partnership happening in the middleware/SOA space as well.
Will we see a similar announcement from IBM and SAP where we will be able to host SAP's Enterprise Service repository in IBM middleware and able to seamlessly connect to SAP without adapters?.

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