Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The value of EDA

Have not realized the value of EDA (Event-Driven Architecture) so much until recently.
I was always thinking whatz so great about EDA when your J2EE MDBs were supporting just that.
But, We are designing an EDA project right now and I could see the immense potential of the architecture. And there is no wonder people call it SOA 2.0 = SOA + EDA.
Truly, the next gen of business applications need to be designed in SOA 2.0 mode to ensure the business agility and performance.
While SOA relates to business functions, EDA necessarily models the business events and its consequences on business services.
The EDA addresses different levels of complexity right from Simple Event processing to CEP. While the traditional MDBs were designed to support simple event handling mechanisms, EDAs are designed to handle end-to-end event centric architecture and design of business solutions.

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