Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Architecture for Business Improvements

Read a very nice article on Microsoft Architecture Journal on 'Business Improvements using Software Architecture'.

My thoughts on the same follows...

Traditionally, in IT services, the solution implemention happens in passive model. There is no consulting element involved. The true intention of the outcomes of the business requirements is not understood in detail like productivity improvements, business enablement, Growth potential, etc.. These factors need to be understood purely from a business perspective.

These perspectives need to translate to architecture decisions in terms of usability, extensibility, performance etc. These architecture decisions also need to be in sync with enterprise architecture standards.

If these two factors are not taken into consideration during the solution architecture phase, then the system will end up as another silo.

From project execution standpoint, we need to factor effort and time for involving these elements at the relevant stages in the SDLC cycle.

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