Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Do you have IT-EA alignment?

Recently I read an article from Forrester that lists the present day challenges of an EA role.

1. Limited Formal Authority
2. Balancing between Tactial priorities and strategic initiatives
3. Lack of talent / demand for more technical architects as part of EA group

I am literally living through these challenges day in and day out. And am sure every Enterprise Architect who is responsible for IT delivery and Technology competency will have these challenges.

The only solution to alleviate all these known issues in the longer term is to ingrain the EA principles into the planning and delivery of IT management.

Yes, its a "change management" initiative that cuts across all sectors within the IT organization. Right from Budgeting, Planning, Delivery and Maintenance.

And the change management does not happen in a day or two. It has to happen gradually with a strong championship/sponsorship from Senior management.

EA as a practice is quite huge. It ranges from architecture to planning to governance/operations.

Like how we talk about Business-IT alignement. There is one more movement that needs to be started, i.e. IT management - Enterprise Architecture alignment. That is the phase, most of the big organizations are going thru now. If and only if the IT shop is in good control, it can really talk about Business-IT alignment.

I strongly believe that in future, Enterprise Architecture has to be part of Management Studies in academia, especially for Management people who are specializing in Systems Management/Software Enterprise Management.

If that happens, the future alignment will be much more seamless.

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